23/9/14: added film photos and a few digital !!
23/7/11: replaced disgusting little imgur links w/catbox on pgs from previous update
23/6/17: rearranged + added new digital pics and also some film too
23/4/16: hybrid review/essay about rabid fangirls [by way of swarm, fan girl, and the fan]
23/4/10: tech section of digital garden
23/1/21: reviews for pvt chat and actual people
23/1/11: added diary entry !
23/1/7: updated book page
22/10/7: reviewed marebito & pearl ^-^
22/10/5: added halloween elements to welcome page & a new song
22/9/23: added 88x31 buttons to my collections page, & updated to-do-list ftft in forever
22/9/8: simplified layout of the garden section a little bit. also added a secret link on this page :D
22/7/3: umm i added pictures to my film && digital section!!! might update my diary but idk we'll see

im mayo, 23 y/o seaweed fiend !!!

thx 2 yobun for the cute button !!!!