boks ... ... my goodreads is a little more 'comprehensive' but yeah... i wish i read more buti have bugs in my brain . i love ryu murakami

title author score review
n.p. banana yoshimoto heart/10 only 30 pgs in but god this woman good at wriitinhg
make something up: stories you can't unread chuck palahniuk 7/10 actually got thsi and the susna sontag book mixed up recently
the fasting girl michelle stacey 6.8/10 made up entirely of tangents but im not NOT enjoying it
title author score review
snakes and earrings hitomi kanehara 6.9/10 dumb characters but i relate, i liked that it was sexy and i like split tongues. very short so that is also a plus. going to watch the movie
the decagon house murders yukito ayatsuji 7/10 vapid characters a little bit. im not a mystery fanatic actually kind of a hater so not really my cup of tea but. i was intrigued enough to finish it and i like architecture so
convenience store woman sayaka murata 6.7/10 engrossing little book but overall felt a bit bleak for me, was expecting a light-hearted comedy and it just made me depressed. though it also made me want to go to a japanese convenience store but what else is new
the little friend donna tartt 7.5/10 terribly overlong, tedious to read, anticlimactic ending, complained about it the entire time... but now that i'm done with it i feel a little empty. through the 600 pages u really get attached to all the characters... reading other books now i feel like i've left my friends behind [danny ratliff is my best friend]. it's like having an annoying friend who talks too much but then realizing u miss their presence, they filled the silence? the descriptions of plants and shit were slightly excessive but such a vivid picture was painted in my mind for every scene of this novel... though it was wholly futile it was also an atmospheric world that sucked me in and wouldn't spit me out... no matter how many times my mom told me to 'quit reading it if i hated it so much'... u just wouldnt understand, moter....
psychomagic: the transformative power of shamanic psychotherapy alejandro jodorowsky 10/10 love dreams/poetry/mexico. this is the literary equivalent to taking psychedelic drugs; realizing many things that you knew innately, largely forgetting them after it's over but feeling a general sense of greater understanding?! really this book is a total journey. every time i opened it i would instantly feel cured from all my many, many ailments! love the imaginative exercises, cannot stress the comparison to psychedelics enough; everything u need to know is in ur head already i dont know it may be mumbo-jumbo but it made sense to me
i, etcetera susan sontag 8.2/10 each story is very different, some i hated but most i loved. really love the clone one and all the secret societies. overall a fantastic experience...
why men love bitches sherry argov 5.7/10 pretty self explanatory.... FDS teachings but less full of hate still made me feel empty/wary of men but whahtehver some good advice
like a hole in the head jen banbury 8.4/10 idek why i was drawn to this book... i cant even see the title on the spine of it, ther e is nothing that would have stood out to me at all... so i can only attribute it to fate . a couple days l8r i read the first page and knew there was no other book i wanted to read... and then read it in the next few days. this follows a smartass who works at a bookstore and kind-of accidentally buys a stolen book to sell for motorcycle money. even now i cannot contain my jealousy; getting to read all day and sometimes flirt with child-stars who are addicted to gambling... it's my dream job. anyway it's sexy but it gets sadder as it goes along. it reminds me of 'less than zero' in that it has a very distinct narrator following deranged californians. however, this narrator feels much more like my friend, and i didnt absolutely despise every character in this book. they were great characters, disturbed, annoying, but ultimately charming, my favorite kind of characters!!! so sad after finishing it as the narrator truly felt parasocial. i tried to look for more sexy woman books at the bookstore afrer this but just got two books about prostitutes. why... tghis book... not perfect but... very captivating, will haunt me, etc. would recommedn it to any one but esepcially idk women who r assholes, like me. almost cried. also monica or rachel or both read this on friends i guess kinda seixc
popular hits of the showa era ryu murakami 9.3/10 "damn is this guy referencing real Life asongs ? should i be lisstening for immersive expereicne damn." did not listen still did i miss something vital... moreover is tihs guy referencing real life weapons and bombs??? OK so thsis book made me cry thrice, but other than that, it was the funniest book i've ever read. how many books havfe made me LOL? much like kitchen, this conjured myriad beautofiul images [bro i dont know how to use the word myriad lol] but also disturbing ones!!! i should really read more because wow its like watching a movie in ur head.... crazy who knew.... when i do watch the actual film adaptation of this i am sure it wont live up. but we'll see i probably will download it tonight. i still havent watched the movie for brave story should i do tha. ANYWAY such a great book, such interesting characters idk it's a really awesome fast-paced, gruesome murakami vehicle and i cannot wait to force my boyfriend to read it!
kitchen banana yoshimoto 10/10 love love song / cried so much... like so much.... don't know if i've ever cried httis much at a book, a pretty short one at that... smiled too. very beautiful, engaging, and healing, feel deeply for every character, conjured beautifl images in my mind
brave story miyuki miyabe 9/10 love dragons / cried at this too, i didn't expect it to be 800 pages, nor did ie xpect my walls to collapse towards this cheesy little isekai tale. great characters
the elephant vanishes haruki murakami 7/10 love dancing dwarves / took me a long time to read this, i domnt remembber a lot of them now, i like the movie 'burning' and i dont remember the ending to 'sleep' but iliked it. because i am a girl who cant sleep
story of the eye georges bataille 6/10 slightly too depravd for me but only slightly. still written in nice poetic language and engaging enough for me 2 have read it in one sitting
in the miso soup ryu murakami 9/10 re-read this as i made my bf read it but when he wanted 2 discuss it i had forgotten so much of the plot. it all came back to me while reading and it's truly depraved and i dontk now wjhhy they cant make murakami adaptations in japan? feel like sean lennon wanted to make this or somethign too idk
paprika yasutaka tsutsui 6/10 i mean iw rote a review. i love dreams so much so i loved the dream sequences, but the characters were not particularly charismatic, and too much emphasis on like office work and sciecnce for my taste. still want to read tsutsui's girl who leapt through time though, obviously
less than zero bret easton ellis 5/10 the point of it may to be to exaggerate the depravity of trust fund teens in L.A. and make me hate them, but i dont like reading books to despise each and every character in them. epitomizes many of the things i hatr aboujt the world, not enjoyable, and the concept is, a real trust fund kid writing a likely semi-autographical novel at the age of a teen because of the privilege he was given?? no im not mad im not a juknie in thw 90s who now has a podcast all because my parents lived in california becuahese the y wrere rich.
the melancholy of resistance lászló krasznahorkai 9/10 better than the movie imo, immediately captivating from the first page & situation. one of the best endings of all time, well-written, good characters, however feels very distant -- u always feel like an outsider in their world. need to read satantango !
nausea jean-paul sartre 7.5/10 made me depressed, remember thinking if i had read it at a more vulnerable time i would've just had a breakdown, lots of feelings written that i've felt before, definitely more relatable nihilism than camus' the stranger !!
valerie and her week of wonders vítězslav nezval 8/10 very good for making me feel like i completely understand the movie. kind of lackluster everything considered, but a quick, nice read and one of my favorite movies ever so whatever.... love surrealism and vampires and shit
my mother/madame edwarda/the dead man georges bataille 8.5/10 my first venture into bataille, picked up at goodwill, published after his death, i believe. well-written and discomforting, not overly disgusting, as i'd likely imagined, from the title/subject matter. maybe i like madame edwarda the best. need to watch the isabelle huppert adaptation lol
sixty-nine ryu murakami 8/10 was cool to read as it name-dropped genet and godard when i'd just read 'our lady' and watched a myriad of godard films, really read this at the right time.. not as impactful as all the other murakamis i've read but fun, simple, quick, earnest, and charming as usual... love this guy, the movie was cute mainly because it had that one guy
our lady of the flowers jean genet 9/10 read this on a friend's recommendation, started on my kindle, couldn't handle it, ordered a copy that was pretty destroyed but i made it through... genet's [sagittarius btw] canonisation of an interesting, troubled drag queen called divine. written while imprisoned, the line between reality and fiction is definitely untenably blurred. a stream-of-consciousness poetic but simultaneously relatively repulsive look into many sides and edges of human nature and values.
you can make anything sad spencer madsen 7/10 been reading this since like 2015, makes me nostalgic for when i thought alt-lit writers were really cool and stuff.. i don't remember much but i thinnk everyone likes these poems
record of a night too brief hiromi kawakami 8.5/10 bought from kinokuniya because it looked cool, this book contains three dreamlike and ephemeral novellas/stories. they revolve around subjects like the spiritual realm to varying degrees, something i really enjoy[ed]. i want to read it again, and everything else by hiromi kawakami. most of what i remember now are the images these stories conjured in my mind, clear as day like a recurring dream, a wonderful sign !
title author format
molloy samuel beckett paperback
satantango lászló krasznahorkai paperback
kamikaze girls novala takemoto hardcover
le père goriot honoré de balzac paperback
perfect blue yoshikazu takeuchi paperback
hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world haruki murakami paperback
brief interviews with hideous men david foster wallace hardcover
the society of the spectacle guy debord n/a
the revolution of everyday life raoul vaneigem n/a
japanese counterculture: the anti-establishment art of terayama shuji steven c. ridgely n/a