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12 july 2021
just qondering why tfmy laptop has a touch screen. i hav only ever used it on accident. like how would this be convvenient? let me detach the screen then. i wish i had an ipad but more importantyly a corsety .
should entering sweepstakes be come my new hobby
23/5/21 - boobs
i jst finally measurued my booba based on r/Abrathatfits and i am A D CUP!!!! me!!!! cannot believ iv been holding a grudge against this grl for MONTHS cuz she said 'at least i made it to a b-cup' [it was not a personal attack though it felt that way] she has no idea truly.... none of us do... i bought a sports bra that was xs but a c/d cup a month or so ago and i was like wtf y this fit perfectly. now i know it's because i have been LIED TO ALL MY LIFE. my boobs are still umm petite but . idk im excited i might like buy a bra probably not though
6/4/21 - i believe in subliminals now
THEY say its better ? to make your own i cant fathom speaking wowrds in to my computer but i guess it cant hurt me. list of things i WILL manifest: literally i said nevermind cuz yall will jinx me
18 march 2021
yeah im making ANOTHER page for me to just talk shit . so waht.
everyone is beautiful and no one is horny
good article. never thought too much about the sexlessness of the present due to always living in the past. i realize i exercise to fight an invisible enemy as well: meat-eaters who say vegans are weak and malnourished! i'll show U MALNOURISHED!!!! and i believe robert pattinson can save us
my website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. what could yours be? cool article in the vein of thos criticizing the user-unfriendliness [it is vindictive even] of the modern web. really love web analogies, of course i love the idea of creating ur little place on the web and i'm proud of having done so ! i used to be proud of the aesthetic vision that came across in my pinterest boards -- stopped because the app sucks to use due to ADS -- now i'm trying to apply that same aesthetic vison to other, more fulfilling areas. got here from some artist seleling a video of her eating fruit for $1000s worth in ethereum.
i made a new website for image collections & other tests/dilylddallying due to my feeling of rapidly reachign the file limit here [well not quite but still]. i could clean this site up sure but why do that when i can just make another am i right ?! collecting gifs & shit so i can ignore my actual responsibilities in life
28/5/21 - the meaning of life by me
"im a nihilist so thats why i hate my life every day and do drugs and am going to kill myself in exactly 6 years and 22 days" honey??? if life is meaningless why dont you just chill? like why worry about the goals ur not making or reaching and escaping this reality if it rlly means nothing. i'm almost a nihilist but i would not tell any1 that cuz they wuld get the wrong idea. and what is even the difference between nihilism and hedonism? if life is so INTRINSICALLY MEANINGLESS, why r u so anxious about it. just hav fun. confused on hedonism . i like to "just have fun" and think pleasure is all thats worth living for in a way but also have strong morals i think. ppl use the word 'hedonist' to describe themselves cheating on their partner & smoking crack idk thats why it's off-putting for me. um anywhom moral of the story is nihilism is not an excuse to kill yourself, it is an excuse to actually stay alive out of spite, waiting 4 god to strike u down. really just all i have to say to suicidal folks is: dasha nekrasova has never been more correct than in saying "dont kill urself something retarded might happen" because IDK BRO transitioning into absurdism here but ugh "life is so meaningless u just have to laugh" yeah bruv its absurd isnt it... so just thnk about it and laugh hysterically. this paragraph is so messy that im sure im not curing anyone elses depression but this is cathartic4 ME at least. i didnt kill myself as a teen because i thought it would be cooler to go get murdered if anything. i dont tkonow why i prefaced that with the teen part because that's my exxact thought process even now. i'd rather just go ruin my life and have fun doing so than end it it's too scary and u know i have commitment isssues. maybe that does make me a hedonist . ANYWAY WHO CARES GONNA GO DO PILATES AND NEVER GO ON REDDIT AGAIN GODDAM
EDIT cuz i still havent gotten up: literally scrolling thru r/nihilism and they're all literally preaching hedonism, they just want to live ina machine that feeds them constant dopamine/pleasure and think suffering is always unnecessary. "how can you enjoy things when deep down there is nothing there" because it doesnt matter to me that there is nothing there TF???? idk guessi m just mroe enlightened. can somebody block reddit from my computer for me.
like who invented nihilism? can we get him down here to tell these redditors that the definition of nihilism is not "life is meaningless so i should kill myself" that just seems so fuckin counter-intuitive to me. idk why i CARE but the conclusion here i GUESS is that i'm an absurdist and all you nihilist b*tches need therapy!!! but i already knw that.
ok but reading this has me considering a degree in philosophy so....
IM SORY but its 1130 now and im in such an unending brain loop that i NOW KNOW that i need to work out to get this OUT OF ME but its LIKE MIDNIGNT NOW SO I CANT now i have r/absurdism oopen and im downloading pdfs fuckin' 'ell !
omg love watching fashion vids where ppl hate on low rise jeans cuz they're "only for underweight people" literally ur the one saying that im out here muffin top out and i dont giv a fuk !!! stop PROJECTING i just want 2 wear jeans in which i feel free. and like i'm in 2002
howmany times has a,ericas enxt top model made me cry. music video my favorite episode i wish taht was me i love you allisonh
sabrina goes to rome notes
sick soundtrack wooohooo 1998
id like to see sabrina in a cheinese taxi ! whats with these porn angles of the cabbie
sabrina isnt particularly well dressed rn but i'd wear it in italy this btch makes me wanna chop of f my hair too
id like to roll her friend in breadcrumbs nad dip him in marinara
WYF IS HAPPENING what are thse guys voices is this dubbed or soemthing??? IS THIS GUY BOTHERING ME????????
tutti frutti
we should all dress like sophia lorenan
pink dress the best and her wedges and her british friends capris. oh my sundress game does not compare at all. ..
pau sed to analyze/scrutinize my angles and how do i have a chiseled jaw on one side and a double chin on th eht other??????
12 yrs o f gymsanstics finally plays off
sabrina pops out da painting with the cutest outfit i shouldnt have talked shit...nvm those are plaidshorts not a skirt.. lol.
wheres her bird bf:/... cinematic parallels to survive style 5
wiw italians r reallt wlecomning
the ppl who touch YOUr heart are wlaways with oyu.
going to make a mosnter review page b4 i forget the taste of the orangef one
9/9/22 - Blessing Blessing

btuchered from here, v inspiring, as guided by this robust little directory. some of my favorites: x, x, x, x, x, x, & x. i forgot this page existed btw. almost reinvented it.
15 may 2021
playing love plus and had the epic thought of organizing my own lifelik this guys. micromanagign. fitness, intel., sense, charm, what a great way to compartmentalize my days. unfortunately i have no job or girls to talk to or umm any idea what to do to get sensei n the game or irl. but anyway.....
30 march 2021
this doesnt really need to go on this page because it's art/film related but herei s a book about shuji terayama, i'll put it on my books page too. but i just wanted to mention these fucking line stickers and my goal to somehow make my animal crossing island terayama-themed. going 2 need a lot of pinwheels, clocks, and red hyacinths??? i love that man sagittarius btw
19 march 2021
anyone esle see the same comemrical on youtube all the time but with slight changes ro is it just me. its the one where theyre trying to protect their babys future. i hate it so much
being paid approximately one penny to read articles [or at least open the email containing links to them] -- i dont want knowledge.. but these articles sound like i could have written them please pay me to write about consent apps
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