messy journal page of random things that interest me. subpages include games, recipes, thoughts, yoga, 3D, live cams, & technology

link subject notes
expressionist, islamic, constructivist, novelty, organic, romanesque, queen anne revival
architectural elements, house styles
groups of traditional buildings
architecture starting points/rabbit holes
[5] "exist in the "continuous present" and "begin again and again"
elements of interest; stepped gable
vatican-approved films
romanian movies
new french extremity
african cinema + diaspora film list
interactive films
cinema [2] when i was going 2 learn romanian for tokyo vampire hotel.
[3] 'wade in rivers of viscera and spumes of sperm, to fill each frame with flesh, nubile or gnarled, and subject it to all manner of penetration, mutilation, and defilement.'
[5] kinoautomat was the first [official?] interactive film, a czechoslovak satire of democracy
melnikov house [1] [2]
antarctic churches
wadham's oil and grease company
casa de flor [1]
architecture cool buildings.. [1] constructivist cylinder dream home
bernard boursicot [m. butterfly]
mongolian culture
maurice ravel
children of llullaillaco
kató lomb
tsavo man-eaters
jan bucquoy
winnaretta singer
amami ōshima
tunguska event
list of classical music concerts with an unruly audience response
history [1] opera + play + cronenberg film
[4] Shéhérazade / Another important influence was literary rather than musical: Ravel said that he learnt from Poe that "true art is a perfect balance between pure intellect and emotion" [185]
[6] basis for the first 3D movie and a handful of other adaptations that frankly look just as terrible - "'Ritual invitation', or abbreviated cremation of Hindu railroad workers, invited scavenging by the lions." what
/ manchukuo [1]
china officially becomin a china-boo not gonna clog the history section!
nature deities
the princess who never smiled
mythology grek/fairy tales/fairies. dont be offended when i put religious stuff here im not making any assertions!
horror vacui
outsider art
francesca woodman

on abjection - rivette
shades of cyan
the incredulity of saint thomas
art [1] "nature abhors an empty space."
[2] proto-weeaboos ?
[4] read something about francesca woodman being accused of narcissism for her self-portraits....if they could only c us 2day
[6] see: zorp, skobeloff
list of unusual deaths / disappearances
136 creepy wiki articles
arcadia, hortus conclusus
fantasy world, dream world, locus amoenus
pastoral utopia dream vision
etheric body [1] [2] [3], subtle body [1]
doppelganger stories
miscellaneous rabbit holes of all varieties
[1] Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, whose artifacts and treasures include the Terracotta Army, died after ingesting several pills of mercury in the belief that it would grant him eternal life.
jacques lacan
philosophy jumping the gun but is there a meaningful differenceb etween psychology and philosophy
figure drawing

art art - da creative side
french resources [1] / pronunciation
le français pour la méthode nature
translated games [NSFW!]
lingua / le point du fle / worksheets
french manga / children's books
lire et apprendre / in context / lyrics
verb practice / québec immersion
french k*llme ...only french practice i gtet is watchin boss baby when i go 2 sleep
i should probably make a separate page just for language stuff

i have so many tabs open is this healthy fror me.

blessed marie of oignies [1] [2]: "She did not eat meat, dressed in white clothes, and mortified her flesh in acts of penance." [3] - "sleep deprivation, sleeping on wooden planks, and wearing a tight rope around her midsection [...] the physical body was not her own" "symbolism of bread and blood was desirable" "received a vision of a seraph after hacking off part of her body in penance for sins she had committed long ago"

catherine of siena [1]: "'Build a cell inside your mind, from which you can never flee.' In this inner cell she made her father into a representation of Christ, her mother into the Blessed Virgin Mary, and her brothers into the apostles" -- mystic marriage -- severed head; "thieves prayed to Catherine to protect them, and when the guards looked in the bag, they saw not the small withered head of the saint, but hundreds of rose petals"