i suppose i will stop putting orff making one of those backloggdthings to add to a long list of accounts and just organize egvreything here. need to get a new ps4 contorller. is it illegal to link to cdroomance and stuff. anyway idk...hope ill be a gamer one day ; list of 800+ games tat look cool??

type title notes
playstation vita / RPG persona 3 portable so hard 4 me 2 finish this when i dont know wat the fuk going on
nintendo switch / RPG breath of the wild overwhelming

already chaotic insofar as computer games such as pc98 and ms-dos wahtever that means [aka possibly will have to use an emulator] will be here and not in the emulator area idk...

type title notes
simulation princess maker 2 series of games where u raise girls
strategy/simulation the movies produced a movie tht exists/basically that one myscen e game
social strategy playboy: the mansion hugh hefner simulator oh my god the ps2 era leaves 1 speechless
strategy/simulation kudos + kudos 2 career based, something i'm bad at pursuing irl and in simulation games :D
social simulation the partners another sims rip off set in a law firm??
social simulation singles 2: triple trouble an... intruiging... very sims-esque simple sex game, also a sequel
visual novel snow sakura hopefuly just winter-themed not christmas or else i'm stalling too hard
visual novel one ~輝く季節へ~ fear this -- is it even winter!!!!!
visual novel swan song cbhristmas eve!!!!!
idk throwing stuff snowday i dont know but cute
lttle rpg little town hero cute!! made by pokemon ppl??
priority: the sims but worse desperate housewives: the game what can is ay
simulation/buillding or something yoot tower i dont understand ttihs or simtower

own a ps1 & 2 but will likely put any games i don;t own here. unorganized

type title notes
genesis / 2D platformer valis maybe 2 scaery for me
playstation / 3D platformer tail concerto furries..
playstation / adventure, visual novel dark hunter: strange dimension ?
playstation / adventure the city of lost children looks better thn the movie
famicom disk system / RPG the cursed treasure of cleopatra -
playstation / interactive movie time gal & ninja hayate wo !
genesis / adventure fushigi no umi no nadia i need 2 watch dis anime too

type title notes
playstation 2 / RPG dokapon kingdom ?? wii version 2
playstation 2 / action-adventure adventures of cookie & cream cute

i got dis shit in a bundle for racial justice ya im a bit of a n activist

type title
adventure/being cat night in the woods
cute a short hike
dog opera [just as confusing but epic seemign as all opera] oikospiel
internet/art/puzzlesecret little haven
yuri visual novelhighway blossoms
interactive fiction/racingwheels of aurelia
farming/sadness/sequelthe stillness of the wind
yuri visual novel w/ french translationa new life
otome visual novelthis world unknown
walking simulatorshutter stroll
narrative game/frog balletun pas fragile
visual novela nightmare's trip
murder-mystery visual novelbroken minds
[yuri?] visual novelAIdol
duck adventureduck in town
cat platformerbubbles the cat
kinetic novelwarm