in 20201 i wil l ascend to real housewife status by learning to cook.....maybeg.......we'll see.... ; check out my pinterest iguess oh wait you cant

link notes
chickpea nuggets panko, oats, chickpea, salt/garlic/onion powder
samosa wraps: spiced potato chickpea chutney burrito lots of ingredients man idk if im gonna type all those out... great website
crispy baked buffalo tofu wings lots of spices and sauces and stuff....uknow
vietnamese braised eggplant i hav never consumed egglaplant. +soy sauce, diced onion, oil, pepper, chili flakes
vegan onigiri visual / vegan onigiri 6 ways highlight of my trip to japana really
vegan shoyu ramen mentsuyu
vegan char siu bao steamed bbq pork buns cant believe how good this look
vegan lemongrass beef banh mi damn in eed to get on that seitan.... also crazzy she link to some char siu bao recipe there...doesnt look as good as the one above no offense
vegan shakshuka im hugnry
chickpea chicken soup broth
hijiki seaweed salad tbh this shit look crazy but i wana eat al the seawed
lion's mane mushroom in cherry tomato sauce not a big mushroom girl but this one looks crazy as hell and then liek a steak? so wtf?
pumpkin pasta w/ soyrizo blecj i'm so hungry
vegan beetroot risotto beetroot, red wine, vegetable stock, diced shallots, garlic cloves, tarragon, polenta
vegan pelmeni/seitan dumplings aquafaba, sour cream, dill/parsley, nutmeg, marjoram
bean sprouts stir fry huh
spicy chili crisp sesame noodles wide & flat chinese noodles, asian sesame paste, soy sauce, chinese black vinegar, sesame & chili crisp oil, scallion
vegan mapo tofu buns what is a textured vegetable protein. never made bred b4 [good site]
taiwanese popcorn cauliflower white pepper, ground ginger, soy sauce, potato starch, oat milk, basil leaves
tofu katsu curry / cauliflower curry think i havemost these ingrediengt.... or doii
vegan japanese hamburger steak / beetroot version? hambagu . butter,ketchup,red wine, vegan ground beeef, mirin, japanese wrocesteirshire
shallot oil noodles soy sauc
blackened garlic oat milk ramen blackened garlic oil, scallion, chopped, ginger powder, white pepper, mirin, sesame seeds, miso paste, spicy broad bean paste (doubanjiang), bean sprouts

like desserts or smoothies or sometihng

link notes
roasted grapefruit idk abt this. wouldnt i rather have a cold fruit in summer. but it doesnt look tht hard....
beghrir pancakes baking shit. orange blosso tahini glaze. i cant read thsrn. breakfast foods r dessert. and dont click if u hav trypophobia
vegan confetti doughnuts m*lk, wvanilla exractr, idk
japanese tofu mayonnaise clearly not a dessert but also not a meal so here.
vegan black sesame ice cream soy sauce caramel??? fearbut i desire [coconut mlik/sugar and vanilla extract]
fluffy japanese pancakesjeez
smores mug ccaketahinini, flax meal/quafaba, coconut sugar, oatf flour, marshmallow, grahmamam ceracker
gingerbread rice krispie treatsvegn marshmalow, crispy rice cereal, vegan white chocolate [jeez]
white chocolate barkme befoore clicking: this certiantly cant be vegan - me after: :O.... also edible flowers ...?
strawberry coconut trufflesshreded coco nut