feelogng the christmas Spirit 2 December 2021
decided i wanted a christmas themed diary page but now i hate it. i need to cut my bangs desperately; truly so many things i need to do. i keep standing guys up but my neocities page is obviously leagues more important... sucks beign so popular ! my birthday is in exactly one week... i don't know why i mention it because i don't seem to have particularly strong feelings towards the subject. i wonder what kind of movies are going to put me in the christmas spirit. i'll watch that czech cinderella movie sometime this month i swear. saw a tumblr post today that said soemthing like 'being texted is like someone holding a gun to ur head' and i cannot tell u how true this is. i really like this icon, i'm just going to use it for the rest of this month's posts... which will be frequent i'm sure... this month makes me want to watch shoujo anime. i should finish Nana so i can watch something slightly happy. actually christmas is so wonderful when u think about it. tokyo godfathers... being allowed to wear red and green together... toradora christmas episodes... going through the 'holiday' tag on vndb again... now i feel warm inside. i am too indecisive to have a website btw. soemeone needs to make every decision in my life for me. I'M going to invite a brain chip since elon musk never will! i want to smoeke a cigarette in the snow where;s the snow i'm in the mood for SNOW