09:57 · i dont konw why i let myself use twitter but wow these people are even MORE miserable than redditors osomehow? its just in a different way, slightly more eager to dish out their own faults on others for nothing at all... i get it, everything sucks u hate everything all games are bad all movies are bad. that's ccool! i love when things are bad and dwelling on all the things i hate and making people angry, and when anyone is happy i lik 2 crush taht and bully them and call them a pussy 4 being upset that they're being bullied for something innately innocuous . no im not in a twitter fihgt atm, i just wonder why the world must be so devoid of positivity? spread endless negativity it makes the world a btetter place . hostility towards everything and everyone? that's activism babie ! also why when my laptop is unplugged it is so dark it cannot be used idgaf about my battery i want ot use my computer so please could u let me...
04:27 · who in the fuck evert recommended me davinci resolve. whoever recomends anyone this u should die. i can not exaggerate how shitty of a program this is and the people who DEFEND it r EVEN WORSE. usually im just being retarded but this is a FAULTY PROGRAM!!!!! and NO I WONT READ THE FUCKING 1200 PAGE MANUAL I'D RATHER READ THE BIBLE AND B ECOME AMISH
11:43 · what in the fuck is apple arcade. $5 a month to play shitty addictive brain-cell-erasing mobile games how does this concept make me so irate? never having children because they'd propbably want that shit, which is what it is made for and what so many things are made for : 2 feel guilt that ur child wants this so bad and t hat every other child has it so you have to buy it. i h8 thw wolrd so much lol but if ih ave kids theyre going to live in the fucking forest and buold pools and houses and shit liek those youtube videos NO FUCKING APPLE PRODUCTS IN MY HOSUEHOLD i wihs i could do something to my iphone that really felt like i was being avenmged.
09:20 · when u desire to spread camaraderie by commenting on someone's letterboxd review but they say "ONLY RECEIVE COMMENTS FROM THOSE THEY FOLLOW" like yeah i only talk to people i've preapproved it's th perfect way to live life. its not that serious im just projecting other situations onto this one; it's just good that everyone is lik "yes, i have enough friends, i dont need any more, dont fucking talk to me" lol
the lol makes me sound angrier huh

08:06 · technology ruins my life again. put off every single thing i was going to do today to try to get grocieries delivered but the website has been malfunctioning all day so i guess i will STARVE THAMLK YOU TECHNOLOG Y YOU BRING SO MJUCJ JOY TO THE MASSES!!!! i just wanted 2 have a nice selfcare day today and feel proud of myself for buying a bunch of healthy food but i suppose my dreams are not fucking feasible
05:29 · was gong to make a sassy little comment about like 100 gecs and machine grl but my brain is broken. its just not groundbreaking to say 'lol thjis music is silly fake and cringe' like yeah they r just having fun. maybe u should try it. nobody said they were modern day mozart like lets just relax. death grips, however
03:22 · men watch a Movie about a woman and B like : 2 stars I CANNOT POSSIBLY RELATE TO THE PROBLEMS OF A WOMAN
03:10 · mentally DUELING wit vegan REDditors on why they ARENT forever alnoe. i mean i haven t ACTually typed it yet but i am thinking up a really motivational speech. but cN I trul y motivational speech some1 who believesi n murphy's law probably?
04:51 · WHY do ppl put their AFTER pictures on the LEFT. were u born YESTERDAY??? im going to assume you got Fatter becaue taht is what is beeing displayed. it cannot be difficult to put the picfturues on the other side !
10:54 · im sorry but..... why do women always mak me feel like im ugly cuz i dont get harassed when i go outside????? i guess il start presenting myself like SEX KITTEN
03:00 · benig combative on the internet is like the least sexy thing u can be. why must every1 always have sometihng negatie to say!!!! mind ur busines!!!!!!!!!!
09:24 · SHAKING!! from caffeine & existential anxiety as a result of simply stalking girls on social media. they r existing ! simply! what the hecjbjk am i doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
11:13 · want to download [morre] anime but the mere thought of it made all the air rusg to my head wtf. pls contact me if u know any anime about balloons or gymnastics
09:24 · i hate this in-between pandemic state u know.... everyonme has jobs but me, there's film festivls that im NOT LET IN TO [i deserved to see nc cage sion sono movie before anyone else, much like every sono film that comeso ut] and joe biden is totaly not going to igve me $2000 .
11:18 · i really cant stop obasessing over my hair..... i just want to be ginger how is that far too much for ask. why did i even dye mhy hair brown again i'm seriously wodnerign what compeleld me to ruin my life like this. cant it just all be one color i cant tKAE HTIS
08:15 · accidentaly lookign at old pics of myself for an hour. was trying to find screenshots of old messages but i cant and dont want to anymore because it will make me sad. idk what to do withm yhair but i know i SHOULD NOT even THINKabout bieng blonde.where would i wear mkauep why would i wear makeupim going crazth though.
09:30 · *knock knock knock* *comes in nayway* i cou;d be like hjacking off in here but i guess this literal pervert burdensomegamer fcuktatd could care less [is it couldmt care less? i COULDNTc care LESS!]
no but really. have i no privacy???? i get changed like 3 times a day,i work out at all hrs,i sing shit, analyze every incbh of my naked body, dont FUCKIG EVER COME IN THE ROOM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
04:12 · hoqw t he fuck do pppl french braid their own hair [or others'] . it takes me haf an hour to put my hair in a pponytail
06:39 · i want to feel like 21 yr old girl and not 43 yr old manboy how do that>?
04:19 · convincing myself my lymph nodes are swollen until thr thought makes me dizzy despite that they dont hurt and i cant see them [i think] having any obstruction in your neck area is panic-attack-worthy...i want to sit on the couch so bad btw:-(
10:29 · i cannot handle living with other people!!! dont fukin open my bagels and DONT let a gamer sleep on the couch for months thus rendering the living room useless!!! i HATE Ith ere but i dontwanna live with my parents and i CANT get a job so i have to suffer i just wanted to come home from hell and not feel like a prisoenr i just want to sit on the couch but theres someone sleepign there at 6PM so retatrded oh and they broke our bong wheil we gone OH WHATEBRE THOGUH
02:55 · accidentally did a middle splits video instead of normal splits & actually feel like my bones are broken. wish it would snow - looks unlikely
02:33 · i HATE android cameras!!! why are these photos so big yet so ugly.... get a grip i would rather use my iphone 5 alone like jeeesus!!!!!
06:24 · should i order tiny little coughmedicines? is that goodfor me and my brain?
09:34 · 7 minute song i made after 4 glasses of wine giving me sensory overload....were my ears broken ? they r now...still stuck in my head though
02:32 · scrollin thru this tag thinking 'do i do this every Year'. . well it's good 2 have traditions
06:09 · raining everyday but if I dont go on a 5 mile walk ill Die . i just want to take a nice picture . i jjust want to ride a train
09:33 · Cult Movie, Countryside, Mental Illness, Animal Abuse, Criminal, Child Suicide, Loneliness, Poverty, Hopelessness, Retard
08:06 · really want to start v*ping again because it seems as if there is no way to be skinny without killing ur lungs
05:35 · reminder that if a film version of coin locker babies is made by and starring white people (namely john dumbass lennons ugly motherfucker son) i will kill myself
09:22 · there is not even one bad strokes song
09:38 · dreamt of a very old friend
01:20 · why do i always have to ask every1 to hango ut if it wasn't for my valiant efforts everyone would forget i exist
09:06 · had a dream my bf dumped me, immediately cried to mitski after waking up
02:51 · it's raining so hard it makes me happy, i just hope my power doesn't go out
12:42 · cried at banshee beat again
02:29 · i want to hang out with my friends more than once a month, but i obviously can't tell them that !