06:28 · what to do with a dEad diary page>>>>>
09:33 · Cult Movie, Countryside, Mental Illness, Animal Abuse, Criminal, Child Suicide, Loneliness, Poverty, Hopelessness, Retard
08:06 · really want to start v*ping again because it seems as if there is no way to be skinny without killing ur lungs
05:35 · reminder that if a film version of coin locker babies is made by and starring white people (namely john dumbass lennons ugly motherfucker son) i will kill myself
09:22 · there is not even one bad strokes song
09:38 · dreamt of a very old friend
01:20 · why do i always have to ask every1 to hango ut if it wasn't for my valiant efforts everyone would forget i exist
09:06 · had a dream my bf dumped me, immediately cried to mitski after waking up
02:51 · it's raining so hard it makes me happy, i just hope my power doesn't go out
12:42 · cried at banshee beat again
02:29 · i want to hang out with my friends more than once a month, but i obviously can't tell them that !
12:18 · i'm scared [of being abandoned!]. and too lazy to make lunch