03:02 · wow i lvoe ieng a DEPOP swller im SOBBING MY EYES OUT and banging my HEAD AGAINST THE WALL!!!! thanks depop!!! what a WONDERFUL WORLD full of WONDERFUL WEBSITES with WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SUPPORT :D
04:51 · WHY do ppl put their AFTER pictures on the LEFT. were u born YESTERDAY??? im going to assume you got Fatter becaue taht is what is beeing displayed. it cannot be difficult to put the picfturues on the other side !
04:25 · dont wanna work out cuz im depressed and in pain gbut know nothing else will ease those thibgs.... aaaaa
10:54 · im sorry but..... why do women always mak me feel like im ugly cuz i dont get harassed when i go outside????? i guess il start presenting myself like SEX KITTEN
03:00 · benig combative on the internet is like the least sexy thing u can be. why must every1 always have sometihng negatie to say!!!! mind ur busines!!!!!!!!!!
09:24 · SHAKING!! from caffeine & existential anxiety as a result of simply stalking girls on social media. they r existing ! simply! what the hecjbjk am i doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
11:13 · want to download [morre] anime but the mere thought of it made all the air rusg to my head wtf. pls contact me if u know any anime about balloons or gymnastics
09:24 · i hate this in-between pandemic state u know.... everyonme has jobs but me, there's film festivls that im NOT LET IN TO [i deserved to see nc cage sion sono movie before anyone else, much like every sono film that comeso ut] and joe biden is totaly not going to igve me $2000 .
11:18 · i really cant stop obasessing over my hair..... i just want to be ginger how is that far too much for ask. why did i even dye mhy hair brown again i'm seriously wodnerign what compeleld me to ruin my life like this. cant it just all be one color i cant tKAE HTIS
08:15 · accidentaly lookign at old pics of myself for an hour. was trying to find screenshots of old messages but i cant and dont want to anymore because it will make me sad. idk what to do withm yhair but i know i SHOULD NOT even THINKabout bieng blonde.where would i wear mkauep why would i wear makeupim going crazth though.
09:30 · *knock knock knock* *comes in nayway* i cou;d be like hjacking off in here but i guess this literal pervert burdensomegamer fcuktatd could care less [is it couldmt care less? i COULDNTc care LESS!]
no but really. have i no privacy???? i get changed like 3 times a day,i work out at all hrs,i sing shit, analyze every incbh of my naked body, dont FUCKIG EVER COME IN THE ROOM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
04:12 · hoqw t he fuck do pppl french braid their own hair [or others'] . it takes me haf an hour to put my hair in a pponytail
06:39 · i want to feel like 21 yr old girl and not 43 yr old manboy how do that>?
04:19 · convincing myself my lymph nodes are swollen until thr thought makes me dizzy despite that they dont hurt and i cant see them [i think] having any obstruction in your neck area is panic-attack-worthy...i want to sit on the couch so bad btw:-(
10:29 · i cannot handle living with other people!!! dont fukin open my bagels and DONT let a gamer sleep on the couch for months thus rendering the living room useless!!! i HATE Ith ere but i dontwanna live with my parents and i CANT get a job so i have to suffer i just wanted to come home from hell and not feel like a prisoenr i just want to sit on the couch but theres someone sleepign there at 6PM so retatrded oh and they broke our bong wheil we gone OH WHATEBRE THOGUH
02:55 · accidentally did a middle splits video instead of normal splits & actually feel like my bones are broken. wish it would snow - looks unlikely
02:33 · i HATE android cameras!!! why are these photos so big yet so ugly.... get a grip i would rather use my iphone 5 alone like jeeesus!!!!!
06:24 · should i order tiny little coughmedicines? is that goodfor me and my brain?
09:34 · 7 minute song i made after 4 glasses of wine giving me sensory overload....were my ears broken ? they r now...still stuck in my head though
02:32 · scrollin thru this tag thinking 'do i do this every Year'. . well it's good 2 have traditions
06:09 · raining everyday but if I dont go on a 5 mile walk ill Die . i just want to take a nice picture . i jjust want to ride a train
09:33 · Cult Movie, Countryside, Mental Illness, Animal Abuse, Criminal, Child Suicide, Loneliness, Poverty, Hopelessness, Retard
08:06 · really want to start v*ping again because it seems as if there is no way to be skinny without killing ur lungs
05:35 · reminder that if a film version of coin locker babies is made by and starring white people (namely john dumbass lennons ugly motherfucker son) i will kill myself
09:22 · there is not even one bad strokes song
09:38 · dreamt of a very old friend
01:20 · why do i always have to ask every1 to hango ut if it wasn't for my valiant efforts everyone would forget i exist
09:06 · had a dream my bf dumped me, immediately cried to mitski after waking up
02:51 · it's raining so hard it makes me happy, i just hope my power doesn't go out
12:42 · cried at banshee beat again
02:29 · i want to hang out with my friends more than once a month, but i obviously can't tell them that !