grace but u can call me mayo/anemone. sagittarius sun, pisces rising. female aligned celestial being. pseudo film buff, junk food vegan :-( . love sea creatures, my bf, and shasta tiki. interested in: forests, fairies, angels, demons, surrealism, short films, eroguro art, cults, virgin mary, time travel, dating sims, sanrio, and the end of the world. i love cocteau twins more than anything!!

music: cocteau twins, ween, chakra, seagull screaming kiss her kiss her, lily chou chou, death grips, strawberry machine, grimes, pavement, talking heads, john maus, aphex twin, sky ferreira, kate bush

food: seaweed, all dressed chips [RIP], broccoli, garlic bagels, tofu sausages, onigiri, vegenaise, potato

drink: shasta tiki, monster ultra rosa, coconut pineapple cascade ice, strong 0

books: coin locker babies, the wind up bird chronicle, 1q84, valley of the dolls, the melancholy of resistance, almost transparent blue, our lady of the flowers, nausea

anime: neon genesis evangelion, serial experiments lain, yuyushiki, chobits, parasyte, haibane renmei, melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, paranoia agent, gunbuster, non non biyori, flcl, mononoke, ping pong, yuruyuri

manga: oyasumi punpun, boku wa mari no naka, himizu, kami-sama ga uso wo tsuku, dead dead demon's dededededestruction

tv: malcolm in the middle, sex and the city, twin peaks, community, desperate housewives, sabrina the teenage witch, workaholics

film: celine & julie go boating, love exposure, marketa lazarov√°, all about lily chou chou, thesis, love & pop, noriko's dinner table, santa sangre, helter skelter, kids return, sonatine, fox & his friends, midnight cowboy, fallen angels, taste of cherry

games: animal crossing, persona 3/4, overcooked, tekken 3, miracle girls, bishoujo senshi sailor moon s, true love

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