sono love club hub. born on december 18, 1961 [sagittarius king/shares a birthday with stalin] sion sono is, in my opinion, one of the most unique filmmakers alive if not of all time. like other sagittarius filmmakers [godard], sono seems self-indulgent in a wonderful way. even his worst movies carry a certain charm, though i'm a little biased. everything imbibed with blood & soul. i first watched one of his films, suicide club, in 2014 or so, soon after watching battle royale and kill bill -- the films that really turned me into a filthy weeaboo [as if anime wasn't enough]. being someone who'd adamantly avoided horror movies until just the year before, i'd never seen anything like it. i'll go into further detail on the filmography section, but long story short, i began to feel a soul connection that has not withered to this day. soudns dumb but it's true!

a fan of fassbinder and ex-member of christian and communist cults, respectively, sono has expressed a motto of 'quantity over quality' that i've sinced introduced to my approach tomost things and i feel much better for it. during his time at american university, he "never attended class, or learned English, instead spending his time watching B-movies and porno movies" [1] as a runaway teen he encountered a thirty-year-old woman who he assumed wanted to take his virginity but instead asked him to meet her parents and die with her -- there was a scenario a lot like this in ryu murakami's 69. he "elegantly crafts together stories of cults, horror, and violence with themes like individual alienation, the desperate desire for love, and the often-brutal reality of life in contemporary society". [2] he has books i'll never get to read.