c e p h e u s

graphics + resources
reading + writing
24-hour image board
russian records
instant google street view + random
sakuga video - random anime webms
live train streams - i wnt 2 make a train page
erratic genre explorer
internet archaeology - graphic artifacts
animated pixel art scenes
random site generators
2D image to 3D worlds
japanese magazine scans
gyaru magazine
random flash videos
anime link directory
window swap - open a new window somewhere in the world
larry's homepage - simple website w/ anime cels, travelogues, etc.
88x31 button collection
windows error generator
game boy [web]camera
kawaii hannah - doll bases, tutorials, art etc..
dhtml + javascript text and graphic effects
more javascript codes
flaming text, textanim, textcraft, glowtxt + 1
CSS animations + more
texture station - backgrounds
video game text generators
list of pixel resources
peachie's cute pixel collections
kawaii sozai web graphics
image color change r thing
patterns for personal web sites
kawaii printables
various generators
more backstory generators
buddhist stuff to read
yokai database
the phrontisery - obscure words, etc.
horrible deep sea thread
my growing game garden
pc-98 visual novels - NSFW !!!
museum of video game levels
pc98 images - info + downloads
fuwanovel torrent archive
web taiko no tatsujin
board game top shop - cute ps1 game!
bongo cat - bongo cat

if u added a button since i last updated this pls #contact me :-)