going 2 put private lists here.

title info
august watchlist summery movies that i have a couple moe weeks to watch or die
bimbo canon + watchlist trying to build a directory of bimbo cinema
cute emoji title possibly cute , comfy & colorful watchlist
cute emoji title #2 fun or comfy or dumb stremaing watchlist
cute emoji title #3 movies to mnaybe watch w/ paityn
cinematic bucket list to watch in the next 69 years
documentaries boring ass true shit to watch
books 2 read so that i dislike the movie.
chinese movies also taiwan + hong kong
japanese watchlisty am i usch a weeaboo
korean watchlistnorth kroea?
mayocoremovies posters that resonate w/ my soul
middle eastwatchlist. mostly iran
noirvember watchlist noir mvoies . to watch in novebmer,
prettiest movies movies w nice cinematography or something
slouch socksmovie posters w cute sox WIP!!!
titles i like cool titles, work in progress
winter watchlist movies i better watch this yr
women on the verge cwazxy lady movies