It was a normal town before the bugs became mutated. You should probably stay inside, and keep your windows sealed tight. They often look like regular bugs.

When they get to you, everything turns multicolored.

I heard it was like being sucked into a computer screen, a computer ridden with viruses. You could get trapped there, but to me, that seems like a better fate than the other option.

You come back out, and you feel the bugs mutate inside of you. And then you start mutating. It can manifest in a number of different ways. Your arms might turn into legs, and then you’ll grow enough legs to become a human spider. You can turn inside out. Things might start growing out of your fingers. Bugs will crawl on them, of course. You might become infinite.

So, you really should be careful. I had a dream wings grew out of my lips. When I woke up, I cried of happiness that it wasn’t real. But reality isn’t much better, you might not even know you have bugs inside of you until it’s too late.

You really need to look inside yourself as much as you can. If you can see the bugs, you might be able to beat them. Not many people have, but it’s your only option to try.

A few people I know have surrendered. They think mutating and being trapped would be preferable to living in this world. But I’m an optimist. I won’t surrender. I’ll at least wait for them to come for me. In the meantime, I am enjoying my time with the people I love, the home I feel safe in, and the food that hasn’t been contaminated. I wear my gas mask with pride. I hope you will, too.