☆・*。 my anilist return!!!!

paranoia agent, 2004, dir. satoshi kon
like many others, i am intrigued by the works of satoshi kon to no end. arguably one of the most interesting minds in anime filmmaking, and unfortunately about the most short-lived. this is his only anime series, somewhat hidden among his groundbreaking and influential films. the series follows a town in trouble at the hands of a mysterious boy with a baseball bat. it feels almost like an anthology series with the amount of parallel characters' storylines shown, though the focus is mainly around the first victim, who gets accused of orchestrating the roller-blade-baseball terror, and her stuffed animal, maromi. the theme song is one of the best around, and for fans of satoshi kon's surreal, reality-bending worlds, this is a black hole. i need to rewatch it.
perfect blue is perfect

serial experiments lain, 1998, dir. shigeru ueda
lain is, in a similar vein to evangelion [despite being so very different], a symbolism-heavy 90s anime with intense characters. this anime follows an introverted fourteen year old girl named lain iwakura, someone who initially has no interest in technology until she receives a cryptic e-mail from her dead classmate. after this, lain starts messing with the internet more until she's forced to seriously question what she perceives to be reality. a surreal, cyberpunk mind trip about death, consciousness, and the prevalence of technology.
l e t ' s a l l l o v e l a i n

yuyushiki, 2013, dir. kaori
yuyushiki is a slice of life anime that focuses on yuzuko, yukari, and yui, three high schoolers in an after school club. despite its cliche plot, this show manages to be entertaining the entire way through. not only is there a good amount of yuri subtext, this show made me laugh out loud during every episode. the cliche characters manage to be charming and interesting. it's comfy and the art style is unique and adorable. the manga is a 4-panel joyride and the op & ed are suitable and i love them.

haibane renmei, 2002, dir. tomokazu tokoro
haibane renmei follows a group of angelic creatures known as haibane. they are born out of cocoons, and they live in an idyllic town surrounded by a wall that they cannot climb over. rakka has just been born, having no memory of what was before this. with character designs and a script written by yoshitoshi abe, most well-known for animating serial experiments lain, which i've mentioned here already, the atmosphere and poetic nature of the characters' dialogue presents perfectly themes of death and salvation. reki, a haibane who believes she cannot be saved, is one of my favorite characters of all time. this anime may have just changed everything for me honestly!!

neon genesis evangelion, 1995-1996, dir. hideaki anno
neon genesis evangelion is pretty universally acclaimed. one of a small amount of mecha shows to break through genre obscurity and become a must-watch for everyone regardless of distinctive tastes. evangelion follows a 14 year old, shinji ikari, who's troubled nature by his mother's death and father's absence is resulting in him being shy and withdrawn. these things lead him to have a tendency to run away from things that he doesn't feel comfortable with, a tendency that often clashes with the job sprung onto him of having to pilot a robot to save humankind. evangelion doesn't simply play off the complex emotions that come with shinji's tragic backstory -- they're delved into entirely, as well as those of other characters, such as shinji's emotionally immature, alcoholic guardian who's notorious at being able to put up a front that she consistently has it all together, misato, or his standoffish foreign classmate/housemate who's selfish actions throw her deeper down into the hole she's trying to crawl out of, asuka. don't even get me started on kaworu. massive amounts of symbolism and philosophical messages in this endless abyss of a series!!
the rebuilds are ok but not even close 2 being on the same level. hideaki anno is god. i love asuka. UPDATE: i love rei now as well i have seen the light